Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blogging Women Featured Blog Contest Winners - December 200

I want to thank everyone who entered the December 2009 "Featured Blogs" contest.

Congratulations to the six blog winners!

I have made the Featured Blogs section larger and think it looks much better than the old way of having three blogs across.

Featured Blogs for the Month of December (in no particular order):

Daughter of the Ring of Fire - This is the personal blog of poet, writer, and photographer Elizabeth Kate Switaj in which she writes about art, media, politics, and life.

Sweepstakes Hunter - Participate in free sweepstakes and contests to win prizes and cash. Contest and sweepstakes listed for the USA, Canada and worldwide. New prizes and sweepstakes added daily.

Small Simple Life - Learn more about the ethical, social and environmental impact our consumer lifestyle has. We have a right to make real choices and an obligation to ensure we are not contributing to greedy, unethical or unsustainable practices. It is up to all of us to insure we make the right choices and have a real, sustaining and positive impact for the future!

Small Strokes Fell Big Oaks - I believe that “small strokes fell big oaks.” In my case, these small strokes are most often strokes of a pen or of a keyboard, and the big oaks social issues – feminism, equal rights for all, etc.

Here, I will be blogging about civil rights as a whole, sometimes in relation to my work in my graduate classes and sometimes just to talk, but I’m hoping to get some feedback from other women, men, feminists, not feminists, activists, students, teachers, etc. As humans, we all have something to say about human rights, and with the Small Strokes Project, I hope to open up the dialogue to your strokes of genius by posting your comments, stories, opinions, and answers to really pressing questions about the changing face of civil rights.

Nocturnal Queen - The life, dreams and opinions of a SAHM.

A Postcard a Day - I'm one of those people who have led a nomadic existence, and so did my parents. My father started collecting postcards as a way to continue this life at least in spirit. I'm continuing the collection and posting at least one, chosen more or less at random, each day.

Thanks for entering and be sure to watch for a new Featured Blog contest that will be posted to Blogging Women toward the end of December 2009.

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