Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mrs Chun LeRoy's Tiny Apartment

Blog Name: Mrs. Chun LeRoy's Tiny Apartment
Category: Home Cooking / Recipes, Home and Garden
Owner: Michelle

Description: A blog full of my life as a champagne swigging Marxist dame who carries a Chanel bag…Dior for the masses, I say! Once an English teacher, with degrees in Philosophy and English lit (Wittgenstein and Milton rock my world!), who morphed into a nonprofit maven with a newspaper column, and then into a pampered housewife. I thrive on contradiction… If Hegel and Rachael Ray had a daughter, she’d be me. I live across the Bay from the most beautiful place in the world, San Francisco, (save for Paris) in Oakland, CA (an authentic, in your-face city, in a very tiny apartment, with 2 very large cats and one happy (I hope) husband.

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Mrs. Chun LeRoy'sTiny Apartment

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