Wednesday, February 20, 2008

About Blogging Women

Blogging Women is a directory of blogs made by women only. Every blog submitted to Blogging Women is reviewed by humans to ensure that only quality blogs and blogs published by women are entered (sorry boys).

By submitting your blog to Blogging Women, you will get promotion for your blog and/or find womens blogs on various topics. As this directory grows it will pass on more and more visitors to your blog.

Submitting your blog to Blogging Women is free, just follow rules on the Submitting Your Blog page. The only thing we do ask is that you post a link back to this directory from your blog homepage or links pages. Even though a link back is not required, it is appreciated. It will also help to get your blog in the Featured section in this directory.

From time to time, Blogging Women will also list other blog directories for you to list your blog(s) and further traffic promotions for you.

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