Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chatbox Added to Blogging Women

I have decided to add a chat box to the sidebar of the Blogging Women directory. I am going to test it out to see how it goes. Please do not spam the chat box. I've added it to be of help to the readers of this blog.

Use it for questions you may have about blogging, blog promotion tips, new directories you know of and so on. Of course you can use it to just say hello also. For those of you that do add comments in the chat box that I do publish to Blogging Women, I will also give you some extra promotion in that post.

I want to thank Sherene, who publishes the UR Resident Chef blog, for suggesting a chat box be added to Blogging Women.

Ur Resident Chef

UR Resident Chef

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SheR. said...

Thanks for extra blog promotion! :P
Hope now most of us can stop to chat on this site!

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