Thursday, May 1, 2008

Confessions of a (not so) Perfect Mom

Blog Name: Confessions of a (not so) Perfect Mom
Category: Family / Parenting
Owner: Christina

Description: Rants and raves of a stay at home, single mom of her 2 daughters' trials and tribulations through teen - and tween - dom. Mom is a 10 year cancer survivor who found out not long ago her cancer metastasized and is now undergoing radiation and waiting for chemo. Discuss issues pertinent to Mother's and their daughters, women's health and news issues, children's issues, awareness ideas for children regarding the Earth, green earth solutions, helping Soldiers, etc.

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Confessions of a (not so) Perfect Mom

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SpoiledMom said...

Thank you, Fay, for your add and your email. I have had downtime with treatments and have a plethora of posts in draft to publish.

Thank you again.


Unknown said...

Your welcome Chrissy. Keep up the fine work!

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