Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blogging Women Featured Blog Section - June 2008

UPDATE 06/11/08 Junes Featured Blog Section is full, please try again next month!

Want to have your blog listed in the "Featured Blogs" section on Blogging Women? Well here's your chance.

Every month I will be changing the blogs featured in this section by running various different contest. I will make a post to Blogging Women before the end of the prior month is finished, letting you know what the contest is, how long it lasts, etc.

I will be awarding five different blog spots each month in the "Featured Blogs" section.

To Be Eligible to Claim Your Spot:

Your blog must already appear on Blogging Women.

You MUST have a text link or graphic link back to Blogging Women listed on your blog and it MUST remain their for the entire month. For more help on linking to Blogging Women visit: Link to Blogging Women

The first five blogs to win the contest (and have a Blogging Women link) will have their blog listed in the "Featured Blogs" section for the month.

For the month of June, I will have no contest for we are already ten days into the month. However, I will take the first five people to click the Blogging Women Featured Blogs link below and add them to the "Featured Section" for the month of June 2008 (please be sure you are eligible).

When you click on the Blogging Women Featured Blogs link below, please make sure you fill in all boxes and please make sure you are specific as to where I can find the Blogging Women link on your blog (Ex: in the right sidebar under Blog Links). If I can't find the link, you blog will not be listed in the "Featured Blogs" section.

Blogging Women Featured Blogs

After submitting form, you will be taken back to the Blogging Women homepage.


jyotsana said...

hi fay thanx thanx thanx a lot for featuring my blog. isaw it just today and i m sooooooo excited...was away from home a long time...on a vacation tour....nice to b back on this blogosphere...n nice to b writing to u and thanx for featuring my blog on this precious space...a special place for all of us.

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