Sunday, June 21, 2009

Adiaha No Gimmicks, Just Me

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Description: Being of the spider people Ananse the spider-man had hundreds of children. All of them were special to him, but there was one child who was different in a most remarkable way. She was called Adiaha and had two skins. The first made Adiaha look like her mother, who happened to be a spider. The second, which could only be worn after sunset, made her the most beautiful girl in the world.

So begins my fairy tale I wrote about myself after reading the Igbo tale of Adiaha. It is a great little tale in which Adiaha triumphs after being dealt a rather harsh hand by the Queen. One day I'll finish it, until then, imagine....

Adiaha is known for her optimistic outlook on life, her warm nature and witty jokes. A stay at home mother of two beautiful girls, she enjoys mothering, creative writing, reading, traveling, the internet, movies and blogging.

Adiaha, has transitioned from her boring corporate position within a Fortune 100 company, to entrepreneurship. Having dreamed of finding the perfect work-life balance for five years, she is making it happen.

Blogging has been an essential component of her process in discovering herself, her needs and ways to fully address them. It is her sincerest hope that her experiences related through all of her writings, bear witness to surmounting life's hardships clumsily, comically and sometimes with class. Adiaha understands that the choices made on her journey to achieving her dreams, will transcend right or wrong. Ultimately these choices will empower her to live in the moment continuously abating fear forever.

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Adiaha No Gimmicks, Just Me

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