Monday, November 30, 2009

Small Strokes Fell Big Oaks

Blog Name: Small Strokes Fell Big Oaks
Category: Feminism
Owner: Ashley

Description: I believe that “small strokes fell big oaks.” In my case, these small strokes are most often strokes of a pen or of a keyboard, and the big oaks social issues – feminism, equal rights for all, etc.

Here, I will be blogging about civil rights as a whole, sometimes in relation to my work in my graduate classes and sometimes just to talk, but I’m hoping to get some feedback from other women, men, feminists, not feminists, activists, students, teachers, etc. As humans, we all have something to say about human rights, and with the Small Strokes Project, I hope to open up the dialogue to your strokes of genius by posting your comments, stories, opinions, and answers to really pressing questions about the changing face of civil rights.

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Small Strokes Fell Big Oaks

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