Monday, March 1, 2010

Blogging Women Featured Blog Contest Winners - March 2010

I want to thank everyone who entered the March 2010 "Featured Blogs" contest.

Congratulations to the six blog winners!

Featured Blogs for the Month of March:

The Mom Spot - This is a parenting blog.

Connections for Women - We believe that by connecting women we can empower women, imbue women with purpose, inspire women to be passionate about living each day to its fullest, lead women to live lives of prosperity both in the spirit and real world.

Women's Life Link - A women's blog that focuses on all aspects of a woman's life; including, self-improvement, health, beauty, and life enrichment.

A Muse In My Pocket - It's a variety of posts. Mainly human interest, but also the empowerment of individuals and how great change can be made by starting with yourself. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's not, but it's always there and always real.

Coloring Outside The Lines - Humor blog about life with 3 girls, 4 and under. Turning the lemons into lemonade and adding a ton of sugar to get it down!

Fun 4 The Children - A blog designed with plenty of safe, fun, and entertaining activities for your children and kids to enjoy. You'll find links to educational sites, coloring pages, crafts, activities, games, stories and so much more.

Thanks to all who entered and be sure to watch for a new Featured Blog contest that will be posted to Blogging Women toward the end of March 2010.

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