Friday, April 9, 2010

Purse Girl Diaries

Blog Name: Purse Girl Diaries
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Owner: Lisa

Description: Purse Girl Diaries is a cheeky, savvy, chic, fun and personal creative project by an artist/teacher living in Hiroshima. This quirky blog offers clever musings on all aspects of life. Nothing is off limits - marriage, establishing valuable friendships, odes to fashion, the positive karma of the recession, reshaping one's butt and the commitment of eating raw from your own garden. The format is modeled after the typical contents of Purse Girl's handbag - mobile, wallet, make-up bag, etc. She writes, "PURSE GIRL DIARIES is about all the stuff I can fit inside and what occasionally needs to be taken out. It's a metaphor folks! ...a diary about life, work, play, identity, transformations and adjusting one's self/life/bag to suit the day's purpose."

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