Friday, August 27, 2010

Endangered Spaces

Blog Name: Endangered Spaces
Category: Environment
Owner: Eileen

Description: Endangered Spaces is a blog about the Earth and the steps we must take to become a force for the positive change we want to see. It is never too late and everyone is welcome.

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Endangered Spaces

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CyberCelt said...

Thanks for the invite to Blogging Women. I had submitted my blog and posted the link back. I had been unable to find it until today. Thank you for the nice followup.

Fay said...

Hi CyberCelt, your welcome. Sorry for any delay with posting your blog. There is a very long wait to get your blog reviewed to Blogging Women. Just wanted to know if you received an e-mail from me when I posted your blog. I send e-mail out to every blog when I post them and it seems some people are not getting it. Continue the outstanding work with your blog and watch for our monthly Featured Bog contest to win further promotion for your blog.

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