Thursday, December 9, 2010

Body Image Rehab

Blog Name: Body Image Rehab
Category: Personal (Development and Growth)
Owner: Debbie

Description: The tagline for this blog says it all – “Learning to love and accept our bodies – at last!” I started “Body Image Rehab” with the mission of healing my negative feelings and perceptions about my body over a period of one year. I decided to blog about this journey because I know many other women struggle with body image issues. It is my hope and heartfelt wish that my writings will help those women who are engaged in battles with their own bodies.

In “Body Image Rehab,” I explore all relevant issues related to women’s bodies and physical appearance. In addition to sharing my own challenges and wins, I also summarize and comment on related articles and celebrity stories. I ponder matters both big and small, all with the belief that awareness leads to recovery. I believe that we all deserve to love ourselves and our bodies. We are all worthy of feeling free to be ourselves and proud of who we are and what we look like!

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Body Image Rehab

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