Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blogging Women Featured Blog Contest Winners - May 2011

I would like to offer a big thank you to everyone who entered our May 2011 "Featured Blogs" contest. A big congratulations to the six blog winners!

Featured Blogs for the Month of May:

Sweepstakes Hunter - Participate in free sweepstakes and contests to win prizes and cash. Contest and sweepstakes listed for the USA, Canada and worldwide. New prizes and sweepstakes added daily.

A Kindle in Hong Kong - I review travel memoirs, classics, literary fiction, and anything else that jumps out at me. I also include pictures that I've taken around Hong Kong in each post.

Wanderwoman0001 - Trails and travails of a life on the road with a small dog and an RV trailer.

My Views from the Edge - I writes from the edge. And sometimes I do not come back from there until I am good and ready.

As the creator of My Views From The Edge, I incorporate humor and empathy into her writing. More humor than empathy these days. My belief is that laughter can smooth some of the mental, emotional and spiritual turmoil that life seems to throw our way. And some days it is more helpful than therapy to make fun of dim witted politicians, women without IQs (thanks to reality TV) and whatever crosses my path or darkens my doorway. I promise to keep her advice solid and her tongue lodged securely in her cheek.

MOTIFS ON THE WALL - Love, Marriage, Relationships.

Women's Life Link - A women's blog that focuses on all aspects of a woman's life; including, self-improvement, health, beauty, and life enrichment.

Be sure to watch for a new Featured Blog contest that will be posted to Blogging Women toward the end of May 2011.

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