Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unsent Letters

Blog Name: Unsent Letters
Category: Personal, Relationships / Dating
Owner: Toni Rose

Description: There's so many things to say everyday. But not everything needs to be heard. There's so many people to talk to. But not everyone needs to know.

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Unsent Letters

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maddy said...

I love blogging.I’m glad that i found a place to get such great information. Keep up the good work!


Toni Rose said...

Oh em geeee LOL ... what a screen shot!!! i actually edited that photo already! :)) thanks fay! wasnt able to join the contest coz my laptop crashed!! X_X

hope i could join next week!

Toni Rose said...

whats the feed url ? how come my other blog has one :S

Fay said...

Hi Toni, originally when I did the post about Unsent Letters, your feed wouldn't work. I clicked on a couple of times and received an error page. I tried again after reading your comment and now it works. Fixed the post to show your Feed URL :)

Toni Rose said...

thanks fay :) i was just wondering what the URL FEED is for? :)

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