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3 Hilarious and Talented Lady Bloggers

Blogging is a wonderful way to express your opinions to the general public and exercise some imagination while doing so. In such a flexible and open medium, blogging opens up many different pathways for expression. One of the most beautiful things about blogging as an art form is that it allows for so much variation. You can write on any topic or within any niche that interests you and still find a way to make it unique and original. Self-expression is an extremely important aspect of becoming who we are and understanding our thoughts and feelings. These three women have created wonderful and interesting blogs each concerning different topics and taking different approaches to blogging as an art.

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie

This is by far one of my very favorite blogs online. Blogger, Allie, has been contributing to Hyperbole and a Half since July of 2009. Her approach is simple and hilarious. Allie tells stories from her adult life and childhood and illustrates them with crude drawings. This blog strikes the unique and powerful point between humor and reality. While, as the name suggests, many of the stories and posts are exaggerated and ridiculous, there is something brutally honest and genuine about Allie's posts. Many of her posts revolve around her two dogs. She has the ability to take the mundane task of moving and turn it into one of the most interesting and hilarious stories I've ever read. Allie approaches serious, non-serious, and fantastic topics in a way that is easily relatable and endlessly entertaining.

Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton

This blog is more of a web comic than it is a traditional blog, but it is nonetheless worthwhile and interesting. Kate Beaton has a degree in history and worked in a museum in British Columbia for a period of time. Her comics focus on historical events and commentary. Kate does the writing and drawing for the comic. Part of what makes Hark! A Vagrant so successful in comedy and satire (like Hyperbole and a Half) is the style of drawing that is used. Many of the characters are drawn in a way that is decidedly inartistic or exaggerated. This has a great effect when paired with the commentary. This blog has a wonderful way of drawing on the ridiculous and just plain mocking it.

The Bloggess by Jenny

The Bloggess is run by Jenny Lawson who also writes for the Houston Chronicle online and several other online editorials. She is an incredibly funny voice, who has a way of sharing her everyday conversations and experiences so that they are approachable and at the same time being obscene and endlessly entertaining. Most of the topics that are discussed throughout The Bloggess are just silly musings and funny occurrences that have occurred throughout Jenny's days. However, her voice is so powerful that she can really get you laughing at the most ordinary of things.

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