Thursday, October 30, 2008

2012 Pole Shift Witness

Blog Name: 2012 Pole Shift Witness
Category: Beliefs and Causes
Owner: Chase

Description: CKH, (a pen name) observes the ongoing descent of America into a ridiculous caricature of her own former greatness with clarity, sad humor, adept satire, bluntness and unabashed candor.

An absolute opponent of the New World Order's "sudden borderless force-fed globalism" instigated by foreign powers outside the US, CKH publishes several anonymous blogs to raise the awareness of everyday Americans about suppressed news and events around the world, issues pertaining to our National Sovereignty, the worldwide effects of NAFTA, the covert NWO plans for a North American Union, USA border security, human rights, personal civil rights, police brutality, hidden FEMA plans and operations, American freedom of speech and freedom of the press, personal religious freedoms, maintaining an intact US constitution, and a fair public electoral process for every American citizen. Dissent has become Patriotic!

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2012 Pole Shift Witness

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Unknown said...

the so well known nwo illuminati, what ever they call themselves will use the poleshift to their advantage yeah!

Silver Jewelry said...

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