Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October "Featured Blog" Winners

Blogging Women's October "Featured Blogs" contest has ended. Congratulations to the six blog winners.

Featured Blogs for the Month of October (in no particular order):

Chicks Rock!

The Gift Closet

All About Labradors

The Daily Asker

Random Thoughts From The Mind Of Me

Sweepstakes Hunter

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Leslie Rubio said...

How do you get to be a featured blog?


Fay said...

Hello Leslie. Toward the end of every month I post the link to the "Featured Blog" contest. The link is located toward the top of the Blogging Women directory (it is highlighted in yellow).

You can also check the "Featured Blog Section" link in the categories section (left sidebar of Blogging Women).

If you win the monthly contest, your blog will be featured.

Remember to keep checking Blogging Women for the contest or subscribe to Blogging Women by email:

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