Sunday, August 2, 2009

August / September 2009 Featured Blogs Winners

I want to thank everyone who entered the August / September 2009 "Featured Blogs" contest.

Congratulations to the six blog winners!

Featured Blogs for the Month of August and September (in no particular order):

Women's Life Link - A women's blog that focuses on all aspects of a woman's life; including, self-improvement, health, beauty, and life enrichment.

Super Mommy To the Rescue - A Mom of three kids. I raise an autistic son and share my experiences. I also share freebies, recipes, reviews, and just fun stuff.

Lost and Found in India - An Aussie woman's life in an Indian village: a humorous bent on the spiritual, the mundane, the gardener, the dead drunk bathroom plasterer, fascist truck drivers and communist governments. Is that enough? Won't that DO???

Alexis A Moore - Crime Victim advocate and expert in cyberstalking blogging in regards to public safety issues including identity theft, traditional stalking, domestic violence and privacy protection.

Aira's Yummy Recipes - My blog is all about different recipes. You can find veg, non-veg, snacks recipes in my blog. This helps you know how to prepare different recipes and will allow your kitchen make most of it.

Freebie Fanatics - Your guide for finding quality freebies. Here you'll find some of the best free stuff available on the Internet. Free samples (free books, videos, cosmetics, food, etc), free programs, coupons and other fun interesting offers.

Thanks for entering and be sure to watch for a new Featured Blog contest that will be posted to Blogging Women toward the end of September.

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KellieS said...

Thank you Fay! Your site is a blessing!

Joanie said...

I love Braja's blog! (lost and found in india)

Fragrant Liar said...

Always happy to check out new and worthy blogs. Must say though that I am already a HUGE fan of Braja and her Lost and Found in India site. Kudos for choosing her as a winner, cuz that's exactly right!

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