Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Selah Synergy Blog

Blog Name: Selah Synergy Blog
Category: Business (Small Business), Business (Innovation)
Owner: Susan

Description: This blog expresses my thoughts on current trends, news, tools and ideas to help the small business entrepreneur run his/her business more efficiently while enjoying the wonderful journey.

I share thoughts on entrepreneurship, the application of new technologies for the small business along with methods and processes my clients and I have practiced that work. I will wander into topics of marketing, leadership, politics and business administration and provide musings on any topics in modern culture I feel are worth consideration if you are an entrepreneur. You will find that I have an opinion on most anything.

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Selah Synergy Blog

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Susan Barr said...

Thanks for including my blog among the amazing community of Blogging Women. I am humbled and blessed to be accepted into your elite group!

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